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Car Trivia

Weird and Fun Car Trivia

To break the monotony of typical car repair blogs we wanted to concentrate on some fun car trivia. Some of the facts will put things in perspective and will make you appreciate the amazing invention that the car is.

Repair Services

  • Brake Service
  • Battery Replacement
  • Free Code Retrieval
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Maintenance: Oil Change, Fluids
  • Check Engine Light
  • Muffler Repair & Install

Work Hours

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  • Sunday: Closed

Areas of Specialty

  • European Auto Repair: BMW, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper
  • Transmission and Engine Installation
  • Complex Electrical Diagnosis
  • ABS, SRS, Airbag Issues
  • A/C: Condenser, Compressor, Recharge, Freon

COVID-19 Updates

Orange County has deemed us as an essential business and we will remain open with strict guidelines in order to preserve our patron's and employee's health.

In order to protect customers and our employees we have implemented the following rules and guidelines:

  • The waiting area will be closed to any customer activity, except for washroom facilities
  • Our lobby will be utilized solely to drop off or pick up vehicles, as well as to collect payment.
  • Only one customer at a time is allowed while collecting or dropping off their vehicle in the lobby.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with us prior to any visit or walk-in. It is of utmost importance that we maintain a clean and safe environment for each patron.